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Alignment with Spiritual Truth - Embodying the Art of Etheric Alchemy


For seven years, I maintained a very active health and wellness practice. Then, for about the same amount of time, I hibernated and recovered from devastating personal change and loss. During that horribly painful and spiritually rich time, I withdrew from service, other than what I could do online for others. It is only now that I am stepping back onto the path of service I traveled so long before.

Even when I retreated away from in-person work, through almost all of those dark days and most of the darkest nights my soul has ever known, it remained my desire to be of spiritual service again one day. Although I no longer resonate with the term "service", I still love sharing and helping. I still want to offer a spiritual assist to those who might be going through the same kind of massive ego-death and rebirth I experienced.

A few years ago, I began emerging from a long walk in the wilderness, spiritually speaking. My walk in the wilderness of the soul started two days after 9/11. My own world crumbled and everything I thought I needed to feel happy was gone. There followed a 6-year, transformative journey through the dark center of my being, requiring the release of all my dreams. Other than that, I've been fine.

Etheric Alchemy Connection and Training Offered

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