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Healing Facilitation Services:

Before I had let go of every dream I ever had about how my vocation should look, as a healing and transformation facilitator, I thought I'd be somewhere, in an established place, and people would come. That would have suited me just fine because I don't tend to enjoy traveling. Being in one place was not what Spirit and my Highest Self had in mind at that time. I purchased property twice for the purpose of staying put and opening a center, which would have been my strong preference at an ego level: comfortable; safe; known. Both times, I was pushed into a corner and forced into ego death around the dream.

Finally, it dawned on me that I was repeatedly going in a direction that was contrary to some bigger plan so I sold my last building and lived from housesit to housesit for quite some time. I've been in Shelby, North Carolina for a couple of years now, mostly, and just started back to college so that seems to be what's happening now. br>
If the request is made, I am available to come to your home for wellness consultations, quantum healing fun and / or etheric alchemy facilitator training yet it isn't something I'm advertising. If it's meant to be, ok. If you wish to host me for a workshop, healing facilitation assistance or training, please email to askme at askahealer dot com

Healing Journey E-Class

Interested in learning more about working with energetic energy? I offer a free email class on healing facilitation, for those who might have an interest in becoming a healing facililtator but are not quite sure. It's called The Healing Journey. The course used to be sent by email but I had such problems with autoresponders and simply didn't have time to send it manually every day so I've put most of it online.

Spiritual Disclaimer: As mentioned elsewhere, the healing facilitation training I offer is not for everyone. It can be rapidly transforming to the ego/personality self and this is not always a pleasant experience. When we are asked to shift beyond our comfort zone of who we think we are, it can lead to periods of seeming chaos or confusion. That is actually the way we learn anything new, by willingness to step into the unknown, but when it is at spiritual levels, it's cellular, pervasive and can affect every aspect of one's life. With Reiki classes, for example, there is a definite 21-day cleansing period after attunement that can include detoxing, flu-like symptoms, emotional issue surfacing, etc. With the etheric alchemy facilitation training I offer, which is different than Reiki, the changes may possibly be more immediate.