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Transformative Soul-Level Health Play Partnerships - Spiritual Wellness Coaching

Why so serious? Richard Bartlett, the fella that brought in a consciousness technology called Matrix Energetics, said that at a seminar I attended. I assume he got it from Health Ledger as the Joker. I haven't seen the whole film but did see the scene with the famous line. If you have seen that scene from the Dark Knight, you'd probably say that sort of situation would make anyone serious. Yet, don't most of us often make Joker-level moments out of losing our car keys, being stuck in traffic or getting behind on our bills?

Why so serious. It can sound a callous when someone is facing what they believe to be a life-threatening condition. Yet .... why so serious? The point, for me at least, is that wild panic does not help. Large fear does not lend itself to right action. Being deadly serious hasn't proven to be useful to me when addressing a deadly serious situation because it means my mind has taken over and is trying to analyze in a logical way to keep me safe. The body's awesome guidance sensing is blocked by fear, worry or doubt.

At such times, though, there is something bigger than our fear, worry and panic and it only takes one breath of surrender and focused intent to access the place where grace lives. We all know how hard it can be to get that one breath of surrender... that's why most of us can benefit from having Sacred Witness with another during such times. I like witnessing for others in this way, as it has proven so beneficial to have others witness for me.

Why don't we take that breath of surrender? If we know there is a bigger plan, and some One at the helm of it all, why so serious? Jesus said to be anxious for nothing, to give no thought to the morrow. How do we do that? How do we step into unknown new patterns of being, shift our lives in new ways, let go of the illusion of control? How do we learn to stop evaluating life while it is happening - good, bad, very bad, terrible. How do we face a challenge that is frightening or painful without getting so deadly serious about it that our fixation causes us to miss the path to right action?

By surrender and entering correctly into the situation, we are present and available to body wisdom and to the flow of each moment. Contraction stops flow and fear causes contraction, at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. By cosmic partnership with what is bigger than our fears, bigger than the morphic field of what we face, we may shift into a new relationship with our present stressor. In the moment when the mind tries it's hardest to protect us, by figuring out the risks and all the possible avenues of resolution, we literally lose touch with the one moment, the now moment. The present moment is not about mind. At all. The present moment is about something deeper, stronger, infinitely more wise than whatever problem-solving program our mind is trying to run when we face something we fear.

What is Etheric Alchemy?
An alchemist understands how to align with and embody vibrational frequencies which support an environment where something can shift, transform from one form to another. The alchemist does not change the tin into gold; rather, he or she provides the correct sort of space and environment, within which the metal transforms itself. We are both alchemists in the spiritual wellness coaching I offer. It is that coming together of two or more than creates the alchemical environment for healing.

Do you seek to shift mental, emotional, physical or spiritual patterns of imbalance?

Do you wish to accelerate your path of spiritual awakening?

Do you seek to assist others on their path of transformation and spiritual awakening?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, perhaps we could bend, expand and spin time together, in cosmic play.

Spiritual Wellness Coaching:
I don't have your answers. You have your answers. My joy is to be an open, energetic response to whatever the moment brings for your soul. I believe what Jesus said about two or more being gathered. Something happens, something infinitely more powerful than one of us standing alone.

To schedule a skype appointment please email or call. I receive payments through paypal and the energy exchange is $45.

askme at askahealer dot com or 256***605***1624 (marketing calls NOT returned).