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Spiritual Sensing and the Flow of Life

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This is a series on universal flow and spiritual surrender. You may wish to read the Introduction to the Power of Living in the Flow for better undertanding of the content.

Opening to the flow of life, tip # 2 - Developing Spiritual Sensing:

Another way to enhance your ability to be in the flow by responding to pictures, instead of words. Trusting the images that precede thought is spiritual sensing and can help to keep us connected to the universal flow of life in a harmonious way that leads to right action without struggle.

Let's go back to the example with the man in the supermarket, which I talked about the power of one moment in flow, I was waiting to check out when I saw a man who needed some assistance checking out behind me.

I saw an image of myself letting him in front of me before I made words about it in my head. It was complete in the image and I could have trusted that, but I got my mind involved and it jammed up the flow of universal energy. If I can learn to trust the image and not worry about the words, the right words will come if words are needed.

If I had just turned toward the man with the intention of letting him go in front of me, it could have happened with amazing grace and ease. In fact, I may not have needed to say a word at all. He may have just sensed that I was letting him ahead and it could have all happened in a flow of Spirit that would have been fun and useful.

One reason I believe we don't act on images very much is that we are afraid of doing the wrong thing. We feel we have to think things out and address them in just the right way. A practice to begin to strengthen our faith that the universe will provide imagery that will guide us is to start acting on what we see or sense, forcing your left brain to be quiet and see what happens.

This practice may feel very scary to the ego self if we have already made a practice of sending every image up to the mind to decode and analyze. If we are used to not making a move until we've mentally processed the imagery that comes in that instant of flow, it may take repeated practice to break that cycle.

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