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Abundance: The New Way

What does it mean to be a spiritually powerful being? More specifically, what does it mean to walk in spiritual strength on a consistent basis, as a woman?

Because I am a woman, and a spiritually aware being, this question is significant. However, it should be equally significant to men at this vital moment in our planetary evolution because, unless we find a way to balance the divine male and female within each of us, the energies most conducive to a graceful, efficient global transformation are not present on the Earth.

It would be oh, so easy to blame men for the lack of spiritually powerful women that are being truly vocal and active in spiritual transformation on a planetary scale right now. After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that women have been suppressed. More accurately, women have (as a collective mindset and consciousness) allowed suppression.

Yet, the reality is that it has been partially the absence of the Divine Feminine that has allowed the dominance of the male energies on this planet and it is only through the bringing in and anchoring of the Divine Feminine that planetary balance will occur now.

As I enter my Croning years, wisdom has finally soothed many of the traumas of my youth and I walk in a lot of peace that was, before now, not afforded me. This is a blessing. Yet, in spite of my peace, an almost constant inner urging continues.

My Self whispers to me about spiritual power...true spiritual power, unshakable as the sea.

Does the tidal wave deplete the sea? No, it looks much as before, after the waves recede. Human existance seems to carry with it tidal waves of change but a woman walking in true spiritual power will not be depleted. Like the sea, she will flow on and with as much power as before, once the storm is over.

The fact that I did not continue forward as before, after one particularly devastating tidal wave of loss, pain, and perceived betrayal, was a testament to my lack of spiritual power.

No. That is not an accurate statement.

My spiritual hesitation and then, the settling into of spiritual stagnation, was not the result of a lack of spiritual power. It was the result of not owning my innate and inalienable right as a spiritual being to walk empowered.

I gave it up, my power.

I released it because it seemed easier to be weak for a time.

It was easier, for a time.

Then the whispering ... it would not leave me alone. It will not leave me alone. It whispers to me about who I AM now, just as it whispered to me about who I had allowed my Self to become then. Actually, I never became anyone else but I surely allowed a pretense and wore a mask over my authentic self. I still don the mask at times but there are more spaces of authenticity in between the pretenses because I'm not asleep to doing it.

I'm awake now and though not sure where this new direction is taking me, I am willing to go.

Previous to this painful time in my life, there were seven years of tremendous spiritual growth and spiritual challenge, gifts and trauma almost equally matched. I received more vibrational frequency adjustments than I would have previously assumed the human form could tolerate. I went thru massive shedding of personality self beliefs and ego-based confusion. I was taught, on etheric realms, the truth about who I was and why I had come. I was shown why I chose the parents I chose and my date of birth

During this same seven year period, I began Moontime Isolation for the purpose of prayer and spiritual visioning. I had read about the Sacred Moon Lodge and wanted to connect with that energy gridline. All those maidens, mothers and grandmothers whose prayers have sustained the Earth so well over millenium. The unseen spiritual warrioress work.

I realized that I could not do Moon Lodge the traditional way. It was not my path to be tradition in any tradition. It was my path to blend. To integrate truth wherever i found it, into the tapestry of other truth I had elsewhere found.

For that choice, I have been severely criticised and highly praised. Neither opinion should matter but, alas, the criticism pierces at times. Mainly because, almost from the very beginning, I have prefaced my work with a clear statement of blended-tradition approach and have clearly stated that I do not consider myself a teacher of Native-American traditions or a keeper for those paths. At first, I did not say this and part of that was ego-based.

I was afraid, being white as I am, my words would lack credibility. Now, I no longer care how one may judge the work. It is the work. It is finished. It stands. And what one takes from it or does not take from it has more to do with the person doing the reading than with me.

I used to charge for the MLV Ebook because it cost a lot of money and time to do the printing myself as the book grew in size, and because I had another ego-based need to be acknowledged for my work in the form of some kind of energy exchange. Money seemed to be the most prevalent exchange on earth still, though I see that shifting some of late.

These prophecies sprang from my Sacred Moon Lodge time so I acknowledge this in the title. That choice brought some fire my way but it's all good in the end. Also, frankly, I charged because I needed the money. All that has changed now. Even though it does still cost something to make the book available, having it online makes the expense greatly reduced. However, I also realize it's work is done.

There is not a lot of it on here at this point in time but what is here is free for the reading.

When I first heard of the spiritual practice of isolating during the menstrual cycle, I felt something wake up deep inside me, at my core. I knew I had to do it and I knew it would change my life. That turned out to be an understatement.

Although the information in the MLV Ebook which emerged from my Moon Lodge isolations is equally vital for men as well as women, the place from which it springs is feminine and so, I urge those women who are guided here to find out more about this practice of prayer and visioning. The planet needs you.

I understand that the global famiy is entering a time that is the culmination of the entire Earth Experience. This time, right now, is why we came. We are embodying divinity in human form and anchoring our spiritual selves in the physical body. I believe we are experiencing acceleration and expansion beyond any that has been possible or discernable before, since earth existed. Of course, logically, this should always be the case. We, as a species, should ever be evolving but there is a speed and cohesion to this evolutionary moment that is unparallelled.

I believe these current unfoldings are why we are here. The information I share is about that journey. My name is Neva Howell. I am a visionary author, lightworker, and creative artist. Thank you for spending time with me here. The following information is my piece of the puzzle. We are all weaving a tapestry of spiritual awareness together.

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