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Fat is Bad Dietary Belief Systems
The Impact from a Spiritual Perspective

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The Spiritual Implication of a "fat is bad" Belief System - Counter-productive dietary beliefs

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This is part two of a series on healthy fats vs unhealthy fats. Please read the introduction on trans fats for a better understanding of this article. On this page, we approach dietary belief systems from a spiritual perspective.

Fat is not bad: Fat is not a bad thing but a necessary nutrient for the body. In order to function properly, the body must have a certain amount of fat.

That may sound basic but I really feel that the way many in the medical community, and particularly those involved in the weight loss industry have harped on fat reduction has kind of unconsciously created an energy around fat consumption that is equal to it being bad. Changing the thinking is vital, if we change the energetic response of the body.

The spiritual implications of a fat is bad mentality: Those who frequent this site much already know that I address illness as the outpicturing, on a physical level, of spiritual imbalances that have reached the point where a physical illness is the logical result.

This section addresses the energetic effects of thinking negatively about something you still choose to consume.

Think about this from metaphysical, energetic perspectives. If you were to eat something you thought was poison, would you feel good about that?

Of course not, unless you wanted to die. And even then, your body and mind would want to reject it on a cellular level because survival instincts are organically built into us.

Your body would listen to your mind and would energetically reject what you were doing, at the same time you were doing it.

Thinking that a necessary nutrient such as fat is your enemy (or that carbs or proteins are, for that matter), and then eating those nutrients anyway, is energetically similar to taking deliberately taking poison.

I believe this type of misalignment between mind, body and Spirit creates immune system suppression and an environment where free radical damage can increase dramatically in a short period of time.

Rather than focusing on trans fats being bad, it is energetically more beneficial to focus on what is good for the body and enjoy introducing those elements to our grateful cells.

On a metaphysical note, if one were cosmicly aligned with universal law, it might not matter which fats you ate. I'm thinking of that verse in the bible that talks about people taking poison into their bodies and it not affecting them at all. However, if you are going to test that reality, be sure you are clear about being at a level of mastery to do so.

Otherwise, it's better to choose healthy foods to sustain your vehicle here on earth.

Part three: So, which are the healthier fats to eat?

Health Care Disclaimer: If you have been diagnosed with high chololesterol or arterial plaque and are on medication, please check with your doctor concerning dietary choices. This article on dietary belief systems and how they may impact your choices is educational in nature and not intended as substitute for medical attention.