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Splenda Side Effects
Reported by Splenda Users

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Do You Sweeten with Splenda?


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Splenda is a sweetener put out by a company called McNeil Nutraceuticals. It is made of sucralose and is added to most sugar-free gums, many soft drinks and desserts, etc. Splenda is FDA-approved as a safe nutrient despite a continually growing list of reported and wide-ranging side effects, most commonly gas and headaches.

A Partial List of Common Splenda Side Effects Reported by Users:
* Gas, bloating and abdominal cramping
* Nausea and Dizziness
* Headaches
* Swelling of arthritis joints
* Numbness or tingling
* Skin rashes
* Insomnia
* Irregular Heartbeat
* Chest Pain
* Grogginess or Uncommon Fatique
* Weight Gain
* Heart Rate Changes
* Depression
* Tingling numbness in lips
* Confusion
* Drowsiness
* Intense diarrhea
* Migraines
* Chronic muscle pain
* Tooth sensivity or pain
* Numbness and tingling in my hands and arms
* Joint pain
* Ear ringing or thumping sound in ears at night
* Vertigo
* Knee and ankle pain
* Panic attacks
* Aches and pains
* Motion sickness

Believe it or not, this is just a partial list of side effects reported by splenda consumers who attribute the negative health issues with consumption of sucralose. I saw several reports of each of the side effects mentioned about as well as some very uncommon and exceedingly specific symptoms.

Uncommon Splenda Side Effects
* An increase in the size or consistency of scars
* The development of ganglion cysts
* A feeling of water dropping or trickling or rushing down their legs and arms or a feeling of being misted with water, followed by a pins and needles sensation
* Head pressure, as if wearing a skullcap or a bowl on the head
* Hot feelings, around head and ears, as if hot water flushing thru.

As I mentioned before, this is just a partial list of reported side effects and adverse reactions. Please research further for the long, long, long list of splenda-related complaints reported on various websites online. I recommend blogs where users talk directly about their own experiences. Sure, you'll get some hypochondriacs on those sites who may attribute side effects to splenda that just don't line up with time of consumption but the ones I found affirming and in line with my own experience were the MANY where splenda was the only thing different and where symptoms were within an hour or two of consuming splenda.

Is Splenda Safe? It's no surprise that my answer to that question is no, I don't believe it is safe. There are too many people reporting the same issues. Actually, the less common symptoms are probably a lot more common than they appear because who wants to tell anyone they have a feeling of water dripping down their legs? Can you imagine your doctor's face?

Health Care Disclaimer: Many of the symptoms listed above could apply to other conditions. See your doctor to rule out underlying illness. Healthy options for sweetening your foods include stevia and my personal favorite, which is organic agave nectar. The FDA still maintains that consumption of splenda does not present a health threat. Do your homework and see what you think.