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Challenging Casting Call - Steve Jobs
from the Cosmic Casting Agency

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The cosmic casting call for the role (s) of Steve Jobs


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Broadcasting Amazing Casting Roles: The cosmic casting agency was born because I want to see certain people in certain roles. For some reason, I just needed to express it. There are roles that deserve a strong talent at the helm of them. There are people so unique that any film about them should be carried by the strongest talent that could represent them.

Update: Ashton Kutcher was chosen. I haven't seen the film.

I'm Stumped on This One: I admit that I am, as yet, unable to settle on the right actor to convey the life story of Steve Jobs. I have no doubt that the film will be written, or a movie of the week series. Steve Jobs was too significant a being on the planet to not have his story told in a bigger way. One of the issues I'm coming up against is whether to send out casting calls for two movies or one? Could one movie go from young Steve Jobs to the man who passed on this year? Another issue I have, with both the younger Steve Jobs and the 56 year old Steve Jobs is finding the right physical and emotional match.

For Young Steve Jobs, I looked at .... Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, Noah Wyle, Orlando Bloom, etc. I also considered Brad Pitt because, well, how can you not? Wrong, even with dark hair and contacts.

All of these have some of what I'd want to see on the screen, if they were telling the story of Steve Jobs. None of them feel like exactly the right fit, for various reasons. Some had facial features that were just wrong for expressing the being who was Steve Jobs. Others were either too old for the young Steve or too young for the old Steve, although I realize make-up can change that. Make up doesn't create life experience though.

For Steve Jobs as he was when he left us, I considered some who were older, some who were younger, etc ... Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Bruce Willis, Daniel Day Lewis, Colin Firth, etc. I also considered George Clooney just because, well, how can you not? Thought of Tom Cruise because he seems able to carry any movie. Neither Clooney or Cruise felt at all right for this, to me.

You know where I ended up? For Young Steve Jobs, I'm stuck. I mean it. I can't find someone that I feel would have the right look, the right ability to convey unique personality, the right age, and the right ability to express in the vocal pattern of Steve Jobs. If I could just mash Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway into one person, I think I'd might have it ... or if we could make Josh's adorable dimples go away.

For 56-year-old Steve Jobs, I did find good matches though very unconventional. I would read Daniel Will Harris for the role. However, I confess that my personal favorite would be Steven Spielberg and that's not just because of physical resemblance. Somehow, when I listen to Steven and listen to Steve Jobs, I can sense some kind of resonance -- I think one would get the other ... now if I find out they were mortal enemies in real life, I might have to rethink that .... Come on Steven, get on the other side of the camera and bring this icon back to life for us!

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