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Stop Middle of the Night Reflux Symptoms

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Waking up with a burning throat? As a rule, I don't suffer with acid reflux. I'm very grateful that this is true. However, very occasionally, I will wake up with the terrible burning sensation and a raw throat, coughing and suffering. Almost without fail, this is after eating spaghetti. For you, the trigger foods may be different but if you wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux symptoms, it might be good to note what you last had to eat.

If you see a pattern, as I most definitely do, you can either avoid the food that triggers or take some precautionary steps if you eat it. I'm not a big fan of OTC reflux remedies like antacids and the more common remedies you see at the drug store. Since I learned how to stop acid reflux symptoms without medicines, I've had no problem.

Of course, if you are under a doctor's care and you've been prescribe this or that medication, you should talk with your doctor before discontinuing. Luckily, the two tips I have to share are so easy that your doctor may have no problem with you at least trying them.

Acid Reflux Relief Tip # 1: Water. Yep, water. The trick is to sip, not drink a whole glass. If I wake up with acid reflux symptoms, I reach for the glass of water I always keep by my bed. I sip every couple of minutes until the reflux symptoms abate. It works every time but I have to be a little patient.

Acid Reflux Relief Tip # 2: Peppermint tea. I don't know if it's a property of peppermint or just the fact that most herbal teas are alkaline but I can drink a cup of peppermint tea and the symptoms of reflux quickly calm and go away. If you are on medications, be sure to check with your doctor for any contraindications in drinking peppermint tea.

Important note: Peppermint tea may lower blood pressure. If you already have low blood pressure it may not be the best option. Also, a little peppermint tea goes a long way. Drinking too much may not be good for someone with diagnosed acid reflux. It works great for me but I have reflux only very rarely. Check with your doctor if under treatment for acid reflux. They may prefer you not drink peppermint tea at all. If it's ok with the doctor, I still wouldn't overdo it. One cup works fine for me if I sip it.

Acid Reflux Relief Tip # 3: This one is for those who suffer with reflux a lot more than someone like me and, perhaps, your doctor has already mentioned it but sleeping on a wedge that lifts the upper part of the body often helps with those who experience middle of night reflux symptoms.

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Health Care Disclaimer:These tips for relieving symptoms of acid reflux at night are not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any holistic wellbeing information on Ask A Healer is at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with your gastroenterologist on matters relating to your health and wellness.