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What Causes Stretchmarks?
What Reduces Stretchmarks?

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What Causes Stretch Marks? What Helps Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

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Although many women first experience stretch marks ( striae )during pregnancy, when the skin can stretch drastically in a short period of time, there are other reasons stretchmarks may occur.

Part of the reason women may develop stretch marks during pregnancy has to do with hormonal changes and levels of a specific hormone called glucocorticoid which has an impact on levels of collagen and elastin, two factors that are crucial to keeping the skin tight and youthful.

If you gain and/or lose weight frequently, as happens with yo-yo dieting, you can leave your skin in a weakened condition where striae might result.

Going thru puberty and growth spurts may also cause stretch marks during adolescence.

There are also some medicatal conditions that may cause stretchmarks, such as Cushing's Syndrome or Diabetes, as well as certain drugs that may factor in the development of striae on the body, including steriod therapy.

If your doctor has prescribed the use of levulan kerastick topical solution for acne, and you afterwards develop striae, please check with your doctor to see if taking this skincare medication may be a factor.

There is actually quite a long list of possible side effects from the use of the levulan kerastick solution so I'd check with the doc as well, if you were noticing any odd skin problems while using it.

Should you consider surgery?

I would really think twice before considering surgical solutions like chemical peels or dermabrasion, particularly since there are remedies available that have been shown to fade the red in straies as well as reduce their appearance.

In addition to using a good stretch mark remedy, you can help your skin internally with a diet high in protein, vitamin C, E, and A.

Part of this skin care information courtesy of:
Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Health Care Disclaimer: If you are under a dermatologist's care for stretch marks, please check with your doc before using a stretch mark remedy. Also, please have the proper medical evaluation to assure that what you have is simple striae.