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Common Heart Disease Symptoms
Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

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Ask A Healer Cardiovascular Health Series

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If you had heart disease, would you know it? How to tell which symptoms to take seriously.


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Ira Marxe, over at Good Health Supplements, brings us this valuable list of symptoms of heart disease. Ira knows a little bit about heart challenges because he's lived through serious cardiovascular health issues himself. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure back in 1997 and says that his doctors wanted to put him on crestor, lipitor or other such drugs immediately but Ira opted for the natural route to helping his body heal itself. He found a nutritional formula that he credits with changing his life in six months. More about that later but let's review the warning signs of heart disease and some common symptoms of heart attack and stroke. Please note that the symptoms of a heart attack are different for a woman than a man.

18 warning signs of heart disease
* Cold fingers and toes or a tendency to suddenly go cold in fingers and/or toes.
* Arms and /or legs often go to sleep.
* A feeling of heaviness or frequent, unexplained numbness in arms or legs.
* Noticable shortness of breath, even if you haven't exerted yourself very much.
* Developing cramps in your hand while writing.
* A Sharp, diagonal crease in either earlobe, or both earlobes.
* Tingling sensations in lips or fingers.
* Short walk causes cramping or pains in the legs.
* High level of C-Reactive Protein (CRP).
* Memory problems
* Ankles swell late in the day.
* Persistent, nagging cough.
* Breathlessness on slight exertion or lying down.
* Urinating more than twice during the night.
* Whitish ring under outer part of the cornea in the eye.
* High blood pressure.
* Rising homocysteine level.
* Chest pain after physical exertion or emotional stress.

Got heart disease? Do what Ira did and do it even better, with even more potent nutritional support for your heart. Ira says that, after six months on this nutritional formula, he no longer had congestive heart failure. Since then, thermal imaging tests have allowed for proof that wasn't available back in Ira's days of dealing with heart disease at a personal level. You can see before and after pictures where clogged arteries have been drastically cleared in six months on the nutritional formula Ira used. This special Cardiovascular Health Formula nutritionally helps to eliminate the symptoms of angina and heart disease (reduction of deadly arterial plaque, chelation of unhealthy heavy metals from your arteries, removes life threatening toxins, strengthens your immune system with powerful anti-oxidants, and gives you more energy and vitality to do the things you enjoy).

Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke The usual symptoms of a heart attack is a prolonged heavy pressure or squeezing pain in the center of the chest behind the sternum. The pain may spread to the shoulder, neck or arm, fourth and fifth fingers of the left hand, the back, the teeth or the jaw. These symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sweating and shortness of breath.

Heart attack symptoms in women, different than classic symptoms in men. For example, women hardly ever have the classic chest pain that radiates to to the left arm as a symptom of heart attack. Women are more likely to experience pain in the back, at about heart level. And they may not experience any acute pain at all ... only sweating and shortness of breath.

The usual symptoms of a stroke may occur as sudden loss of consciousness followed by paralysis generally involving one side of the face, arm and leg. Symptoms may be accompanied by clammy sweat and speech disturbances depending on where in the brain the stroke is occurring.

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information on heart disease, about recognizing the common symptoms of heart disease, on this page is not intended to replace any needed medical attention but to educate those who may be at risk for heart disease as to some of the symptoms of heart disease that may signal the need for further testing.