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What is Sacred Initiation?
How I Qualify the Sacred in my Life

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What is a Sacred Initiation?


I have dedicated a great deal of linear time to this question, both because I wanted to understand initiation experiences in my own life and because I wanted more of this Sacred Initiation energy in my life. Sacred Initiation experiences take you from an existing level of consciousness to a higher level, by whatever means are necessary given your belief systems, your ego resistance and your personal state of receptivitity to change. >Transformative in nature, these experiences may also be tumultuous and unsettling, at first bringing more chaos than order, more confusion than clarity.

For about seven years of my life, I felt as if I would barely get through one initation when another would begin. Looking back now, I ponder why it all happened and why I seem sometimes still to be floundering in the wake of it.

The Sacred Initiation experience I share at the end of this introduction is one of only four I've had in my life.

What is a Sacred Initiation Experience? I can only speak from my own life and journey.
What I consider a Sacred Initiation for myself is one where there is absolutely no doubt that something beyond the reality of the senses has manifested personally touched me in a transformative way. A Sacred Initiation, for me, is proof of the existence of God, Universal Life Force Energy., Great Mystery, Goddess or whatever other name you may have for One that is within all and is all that is and is I AM. Although unreal and supernatural in every sense of the word, it is simultaneously more real than anything I can touch, taste, smell, hear or see.

I share a particular Sacred Initiation Experience here because it's a good example of how every single thing in a person's reality can be shifted in one instant; irrevocably shifted. Reality, as I had known it, stopped right then and there.

I spent years looking for a replacement paradigm until I finally realized that paradigms were part of what had gone away.

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