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Put into practice, the grace and ease available in each moment…

by Donna Anderson, notes by

Spiritual Awakening Tips

This is a profound writing by a friend who took a Consciousness Expanding workshop that I also took, with a phenomenal teacher Wendy Down. I loved her words so much I asked for permission to share them here. Thank you, Donna M. Anderson, for putting down in words some of my own spiritual sensing.

It is a challenge to find the right words to express the insight I wish to share. At this point, my awareness has expanded to be able to sense the many possibilities that overlay each other in all of our lives, and ultimately create each moment…moment-by-moment.

Yesterday, as I watched the service for Senator John McCain, there was a pause for musicians to move out into the area directly in front of the grieving family. As certain people brought out the chairs for the musicians to sit in, I had the thought of one individual life, lived for this moment to place a chair for a violinist to sit while playing Danny Boy for this American statesman, in that very moment. I thought of all of the decisions, twists, and turns, the daily dedication, the struggles and influences that made it possible for the violinist to be in that moment doing what was there to be done in their life of being who they are.

I thought of how truly great people live with purpose and intent and sacrifice for the greater self, moving within all of the decisions, both small and large, immediate and long-term. In doing so, I was able to perceive the matrix of all of the parallel universes connecting, bumping into each other randomly and purposefully.

All of the decisions, moment by moment, that make up a life, an event, a synchronicity in the midst of it all, are either allowed to be or are squelched by a negative vibration (pattern). And, I thought of the endless possibilities that could have changed in each life that either brought that person to this point or, potentially, could have placed them somewhere else.

With this knowledge of quantum physics, we have insight into how we have gone about creating our present reality. Now, I have the insight to create, with clarity and direction, to cast into the future the future I want to experience and share with the world up close, and far away.

My thoughts and decisions, when unencumbered by negative barriers, make a great life, a positive effect, a higher vibration and a wondrous adventure. I know that I live and breathe with magic inside me. All I need to do is be aware of, and put into practice, the grace and ease available to me in each moment, as I let go of what keeps me bound and embrace the unbounded possibilities.