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What Are Vital Tissue Salts
And Why Do We Need Them?

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Cell Function Support - Vital Tissue Salts Your Body Needs

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Feeling snappy and irritable when there's no real reason? Are your nerves frequently on edge? You may be deficient in one of the most important nutrients your body needs to maintain wellness. Tissue salts, also called biochemical salts, help the body naturally correct imbalances that occur at a cellular level, usually before an actual disease or health condition outpictures.

One of the common ways this lower cellular function may affect us is thru the nervous system, resulting in mood imbalances, nerves, anxiety, and other stress-related expressions. Supplementing with vital tissue salts is a powerful way to support your body in maintaining a state of wellness.

Triple Complex Formulas: There are 12 vital tissue salts the body requires, in sufficient amounts, to maintain wellness. If these 12 vital tissue salts are not present in the body, in correct amounts, cell function suffers. While it's possible to get the salts from your diet, a lot of us end up deficient in some of them.

Tissue salts formulas based on different conditions impacted by deficiencies of these vital nutrients may be very helpful. Look for tissue salts formulas that contain three biochemical salts that support the body in certain areas that may show trouble if we are deficient in those particular salts.

Health Disclaimer: Vital Tissue Salts are not presented as replacement for proper emotional health evaluation and treatment. If you have anxiety or depression, please seek out all appropriate avenues of healing. Tissue salts are considered safe for all ages as well as for pregnant or nursing women. However, you should always check with your doctor if on prescription medications or under a doctor's care for any known medical condition.