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What causes a toxic colon?


This is part of a series on colon cleansing and health. In part one we talked about colon cleanse side effects. In part two, we discussed colon cleansing tips to help you enjoy an effective and safe cleanse experience. If you have reached this page directly, it may be helpful to read parts one and two before continuing with this section on what causes the colon to become congested and toxic.

What causes a toxic colon?

Alternative health care professionals agree that colon congestion most commonly results from:

> Intestinal Parasites - As parasites feed, they also release waste into the system. Parasitic infection is a much bigger health challenge than most people realize and can cause debilitating fatique, skin disorders and all sorts of issues with your health

* Toxic foods overload - The colon may become congested from too many unhealthy foods, refined foods, white flour products, refined sugar, too much red meat. Eating foods that are hard to digest or nutrient-poor overloads the colon, causing incomplete digestion, putrification, gas bloating, etc. Undigested foods reduces the amount of nutrients retrieved in the digestive process and makes it harder for the eliminatory process to function properly.

* Eating on the run or under stress - Stress causes contraction. Contraction of the stomach and colon muscles interferes with health digestive and elimination. Stress is an underlying factor in many cases of chronic constipation and contributes to the development of a toxic colon. Many people become emotional eaters at times of stress, so they are often eating while in a state of fight or flight, the exact time when the body is least prepared to handle digestion of food.

* Lack of good sleep - Sleep is when our body rejuvenates and restores. If we don't get restful sleep, we start the day in an energy deficit state that can impact digestion and elimination. Of course, stress is a big factor in why many can't sleep well. If we are lying in bed worrying about tomorrow, it's hard to let go and relax. When we don't rest well, our body misses that vital down time it needs to take care of any physical healing that needs to happen.

* Lack of nutrients the colon needs to eliminate, primarily fiber and water - Fiber helps move waste thru the system and cleanse the colon walls while water helps soften the stool and make bowel movements easier. If we don't drink enough pure water or don't consume enough fiber, we end up constipated. Also, if we eat a lot of high fiber foods but don't drink sufficient water, we end up constipated.

* Underlying medical conditions - Undiagnosed colon health challenges such as colon cancer, IBS, diverticulitis, Krohn's, etc. may interfere with normal eliminatory patterns resulting in a toxic colon from backed up waste. If you don't see relief of constipation by adding fiber, drinking more water, getting better rest and reducing stress, it may be time to see the doctor and get some testing done.

* A build-up of heavy metals - Heavy metal poisoning may impact the entire body, including the colon. Symptoms of heavy metals poisoning.

What to expect when you do a colon cleanse.

I can never say for sure what a person's reaction to a cleanse will be. Also, I can never say for sure if a person should or should not cleanse, because I am not a doctor and I don't even meet the people I counsel. I would never suggest that a person with colon health issues undergo a cleanse or detox without checking with their doctor. If you have a particular detox program in mind, take the ingredient list to your doctor and pharmacists, to rule out drug interactions if on prescription drugs.

I cleanse regularly and detoxing definitely makes me feel more healthy. I've had some detox symptoms along the way, usually when doing a cleanse after a period of time when I had not been taking care of myself or had been stressed more than normal. Conversely, during times in my life when I detoxed periodically, to keep toxins from building up, and was dealing with stress better, the cleanse side effects and any healing crisis symptoms were milder and less prpoblematic. Healing Crisis Symptoms

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this health care article about intestinal toxicity is not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. If you have symptoms of a toxic colon, see your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Colon cleansing is an alternative health care approach to colon toxicity and unhealthy stool and may or may not receive the blessing of your physician. If suffering from any type of intestinal health issue, check with your doctor before beginning a cleanse or detox.