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Retired healers are shifting into new positions for energetic frequency reasons, to assist by doing nothing as much as they possibly can.


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You have most likely heard the terms global warming, critical mass and tipping point. On the other hand, you many not have heard the term Etheric Alchemy but probably will resonate with that term after reading the information on the linked page. There are layers of meaning to each of these terms, ranging from practical and scientific to mystic and spiritual. For me, the spiritual implications are the focus.

For me, the Gulf Oil Spill was just one more notice being sent out by a planet that is reflecting back to it's inhabitants. What is reflected is the frequency the inhabitants are living. We, the inhabitants of earth, are living in ways as to make our own extinction inevitable, barring a miraculous and holy intervention. That spiritual intervention, saving us from self-destruction, is what many, many spiritually aware people have been working toward for decades.

What is the Role of the Healer Now?
I used to be a very active participant in that behind-the-scenes energetic work of prayer, visualization and high-frequency meditation. Now ... not so much. It is not that I stopped caring if we destroy ourselves and our planet. It is more that I suddenly realized that it isn't up to me, or even the legions of Lightworkers tirelessly holding space at a higher vibration for the long-prophesied shift of transformation by 2012.

Like so many I know, who were once active healers, I have pretty much retired that title for myself. I shifted into a position of calling myself a "healing facilitator" rather than a healer quite some time back. Now, even that title does not fit. I saw this when I leapt into spiritual action on hearing of the g\Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Well, no it was even before that when I was energetically pushing for Haiti and transformation and healing to happen there. I found myself literally feeling as if I were making the situation worse by all this energetic shoving of molecules toward healing and change. I saw that what I was so adamant about healing was energetically stirred toward polarization and duality by global prayers insisting on healing and transformation for Haiti, and then for the gulf after the oil spill.

As if not really having a choice, on higher spiritual levels, I found myself moved into a space of reality that, just a decade ago, would have felt unconscionable to me as a spiritual lightworker. I have shifted from doing to being and away from doing, almost entirely. I no longer have an agenda to save anything or anyone. It isn't like I could do that anyway. The most a healer can do is provide an energetic frequency which may be stronger and more consistent the energetic frequency of the person needing healing, so that they can see their own light and mastery with a bit more grace and ease.

I see, with such clarity that it shocks me, that every second spent attempting to shift or transform is a second spent feeding the chaos. I choose not to feed the chaos any longer with resistance or mental projections that insist on change or transformative shift. We are all in this together, all of us, every last one of us. To push and pull against each other energetically has not worked. Pushing and pulling at BP will not transform the oil spill.

Perhaps a Spirit of tolerance, a release of what I think ought to happen or not happen, and a focus on simply being at the highest vibration of energetic frequency I may maintain, is the new way, the new role of the healer. For me, it fits. So, when I am tempted to once again weep, and rant, and gnash my teeth over the gulf oil spill and all the implications of that for the planet, I will instead BE at the highest vibration of energetic frequency I am able to maintain.

I've always understood that the greatest gift of transformation is one by one. Like a match lighting a fire, and then that flame fanning out to the next dead tree and the next, the old will be flamed out and transformed one being at a time, Be-ing at a time, Be-ing at this time.

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