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Health Tips for Chronic Cystitis
and Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

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Natural UTI Remedy

Excuse me for being blunt...... I would assume most women have been told (either by their mother or by their gynecologist) about a very important thing you can do to prevent UTI's but just in case some of you missed it, it has to do with how you wipe after going to the bathroom. Wiping from back to front after urination can allow bacteria such as e. coli to travel from the back of that part of the body to the front of that part of the body, if you get my drift. It's a BIG urinary health no-no for women. Making this simple change alone could reduce your risk of UTI's.

Who gets UTI's? There are certain factors that may cause a person to be more at risk for a urinary tract infection. If you have diabetes you may be more apt to have UTI's or chronic cystitis. Anyone who has to have a catheter for any period of time can be at greater risk because of bacteria that can accumulate on the catheter. A pregnant woman is also more prone to developing this type of infection.

If you are pregnant you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you begin to experience any of the symptoms of a UTI, including pain on urination or what you consider to be more frequent urination than would be considered normal for your stage of pregnancy.

In addition to these higher-risk groups, some tend to get UTI's after having intimate relations with someone (ps. I'm not a prude but also don't want to get my page blocked for the wrong word here). This may be due to bacteria being carried from back to front during intimate movement, just as in the case of wiping the wrong way. Getting in the habit of urinating within at least fifteen minutes of intercourse can be helpful in reducing risk of developing infection this way.

For men, the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections increases with an enlarged prostate. If you are a male frequently having problems with urination, rule out enlarged prostate as a factor. Here's an article on male uti's at the Healthline website.

How do you know you have a urinary tract infection? The symptoms of urinary tract infection can include pain on urination as well as a need to urinate frequently. Many with UTI's report feeling fatiqued and even a bit shaky. The color of urine can change when you have a urinary tract infection, to a cloudy or milky hue and may even have a reddish tint to it if blood is present.

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Health Disclaimer: The information within this educational article on urinary health is not intended to take the place of medical attention that may also be warranted. In particular, if you are pregnant and suspsect you may be developing a UTI or cystitis, it's important to consult with your obstetrician asap to avoid complications and greater discomfort with the pregnancy.