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Want to Achieve Weight Loss Success?
You Must Give Up These Unhealthy Foods

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Ask A Healer Weight Loss Series

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How to lose weight - Absolutely necessary dietary changes if you really want to lose the weight and keep it off


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There is a bit of variety in the way you choose to go about losing weight. Some things are negotiable and some are not. I consider the dietary changes on this page to be mandatory for optimal weight loss success.

There is no use sugar-coating this (and that is a pun). There are certain foods that are just plain unhealthy for the body - refined sugar, foods containing high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils and white flour products are three that come to mind. These are foods that stress the body and make it harder for the body to stay healthy. These foods stress any human body, whether that person is trying to lose weight or not.

However, for those with weight loss challenges, the impact of basically unhealthy foods goes beyond just creating a constant drain and stress on the vital systems of the body. In my opinion, those with serious weight issues who want to succeed with their weight loss goals must really commit to giving up the following unhealthy foods til goal weight is reached and keep consumption of these unhealthy foods at a severe low for life:

The little or no list:
Limit intake for weight loss and health
* Refined sugar products
* Fried fast foods
* White flour products
* Diet Sodas of any kind
* Foods containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
* Foods containing genetically modified organisms
* Foods containing MSG
* Foods containing high fructose corn syrup

Additionally, artificial sweeteners should be replaced with healthier options like coconut sugar is recommended. Yes, coconut sugar may add a few calories but they will be calories your body can use. Among the list of artificial sweeteners I'd avoid:

* (aspartame

* xylitol

* sorbitol

* splenda

* sucralose

Obviously, those who are diabetic need to check with their doctor before making any dietary changes but, in particular, those regarding products which might effect blood sugar levels. If you have been diagnosed as diabetic, you may want to head over to the diabetes articles for more helpful information.

My favorite natural salad dressing: This is healthy and delicious. I got the recipe from my friend Jeni but added a few ingredients. You will need:

* Braggs Amino Acids (can get in any health food store)
* Organic minced garlic
* Braggs raw apple cider vinegar (with the Mother - again, get at your health food store)
* Organic flax seed oil (yep, health food store should have it).

Mix equal parts Braggs and Flaxseed Oil plus 1/2 as much vinegar and garlic to personal taste. Mix well and pour over salad. Easy, so flavorful and satisifying and yet mega healthy.

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Weight Loss Disclaimer: Anyone who wants to lose weight who is also under a doctor's care for any medical condition, should check with their doctor before going on a weight loss program. Additionally, anyone who is morbidly obese should only undertake a weight loss program with the help of a team of health professionals such as a dietician, fitness trainer and nutritionist.