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Helping your body lose weight by adding diet-boosting foods

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Does your diet have you giving up everything you love to eat, in order to lose weight? What if you could add foods, instead of just taking them away? What if you could add certain foods to your diet and lose weight faster? You can.

I saw this show on Dr. Oz and was very surprised to see a high fat food, and one of my favorites, lead his list of fat busters. He suggested a shooter of pine nuts (actually had them in shooters like drinks for his audience) in the morning, to help curve fat cravings all day. Turns out that, even though pine nuts are very high in fat, it's the kind of fat that is beneficial to the body and it's also the kind of fat that helps the body burn fat and stops fat cravings.

Of course, if you are under a doctor's care and have been told to reduce fat intake, please check with your doctor before adding Dr. Oz's fat busting pine nuts. Pine nuts are not the only foods that can help you lose weight faster and easier though. I got some great tips from an article over at global healing center too, and will just share the highlights along with a link so you can read the rest of the great info they gathered.

Weight Loss Helpers:
Black Beans (because of very high fiber content). Beans are also great for diabetics wanting to lose weight because they are what are called resistant starches and can help with blood sugar balance. In addition, the black bean has an abundance of flavonoids that have been associated with cancer prevention, as well as soluble fiber, associated with cardiovascular benefits.

Spicy foods (due to capsaican, which helps the body burn fat). Also, don't you notice that more flavorful foods are more satifying. Spicing up your foods may help you eat less because you will feel more sated after eating them. Like the black beans I mentioned earlier, some spicy foods have also been associated with cancer prevention, including capsaican and curry. Black pepper is another spice to add for help with weight loss.

Whole grains (because of their low glycemic index -- don't get breads with high fructose corn syrup). In addition, quite a broad range of benefits have been linked to consumption of quality whole grain breads including heart disease and colorectal cancer. However, I have a very strong warning against choosing whole grain products made from GMO crops.

There are more and more studies coming out now which suggest a definite link between gm grains and a host of intestinal and digestive issues. In addition, I'd avoid non-organic breads because, even if they are non-gmo, they may have been sprayed with Round Up just before harvest. It's a practice with some farmers, to speed drying and even death of the plant crop. I don't know about you but I don't care to eat glyphosate with my sandwich.

Weight Loss Disclaimer: Changing the way you eat can assist you in your weight loss goals. However, if you are under a doctor's care and any of these dietary suggestions go against what your doctor has suggested, please check with your doctor before making dietary changes.