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Identifying Weight Loss Sabotage
Is Your Diet Keeping You Overweight?

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Ask A Healer Weight Loss Series

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Is your diet sabotaging you?


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Isn't it strange that so many people are always dieting, yet the numbers of obese and overweight people are rising every year? Part of the reason is inconsistency. Years of dieting then binging, resulting in the yo-yo weight loss followed by weight gain have even been shown to cause slow metabolism. Once the metabolism has set at a slower rate, it becomes much harder to lose the weight and keep it off. Here are a few important questions may help you determine if it's time to rethink your diet plan:

1. How are your energy levels? Diet plans that leave you fatiqued and low on energy are harder to stay on and also less healthy than those that feed your body nutrient-rich foods that promote energy. It's a pretty common sneak that people on diets think they can get away with ... you do very good for two days so you think you deserve a treat. While it's ok to splurge on calories once in a while and have something to a satisfy the sweet tooth, you can choose healthy sweets without refined sugar or snacks without white flour or high fructose corn syrup. You can choose baked chips instead of fried. Just considering the options helps, instead of just thinking "reward" without thinking of "better rewards".

2. Do you have trouble tipping the scale after starting your diet? A strong diet plan will help quickstart weight loss and help sustain regular weight loss without sacrificing energy. If you have had a habit of stopping and starting diets or going on one only long enough to lose weight for a special event, you may have sabotaged your metabolism and you may need a "quick start" meal plan for the first week to start to help your metabolism burn fat better again.

3. Do you have a lot of constipation on your diet? If so, look at the fiber included in your diet plan. A good plan will insure you get adequate fiber. Also check your fluid intake. Drinking enough water throughout the day? You may be sabotaging your weight loss if you are eating lots of fiber but not getting enough water. This can cause bloating, constipation and delayed eliminatory and digestive functions which can equal slower weight loss.

4. Are you noticing dull hair or skin? When our body doesn't get the nutrition it needs, one of the first things to suffer is our skin. Also, the hair may take on a dull look. Make sure your diet plan has adequate protein to help skin and hair stay healthy-looking while you lose the extra weight. I definitely favor diet plans that are strong on nutrition, not just calorie reduction plans. Taking a really good multi-vitamin may be helpful in the long run. Those who start with a good B-Complex may notice weight gain at first but the B vitamins are absolutely vital to a health body so getting enough of them is absolutely necessary. Any temporary weight gain you notice will be off-set by a healthier metabolism as your body uses the B's.

5. Do you notice a lot of headaches while dieting, or allergies? How about colds and flu? More than normal? Check your nutritional information for the diet plan. You should be getting adequate amounts of all the necessary vitamins and particularly of Vitamins C, B, D, E and A. While certain diet plans, if they include detoxing, can cause headaches or the flu-like symptoms that may mean a healing crisis, these symptoms should be very temporary. Any prolonged headaches, allergic reactions of colds and flu while dieting can mean you are not getting sufficient nutrition.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may want to change your diet plan, consult with a qualified nutritionist or weight loss expert or start over with an entirely different plan for losing weight.

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Weight Loss Disclaimer: The symptoms listed above may also be indicators of other, perhaps more serious, health challenges. If you suffer from chronic constipation or fatique to the point that you find it debilitating, see your doctor before starting a weight loss diet.