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Feeding Your Mind New Thoughts to Assist in Healthy Weight Loss


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The Weight Management Pack
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Stop Impulsive and Addictive Eating

How to Retrain your thinking for easier weight loss results
Even with the best diet, the strongest weight loss supplements and the best fitness trainer, you will still hold extra weight until you change the way you think about and behave toward food, eating, and exercise. Subliminal weigh loss tapes, as well as those employing hypnotic suggestion, can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Your weight loss goals will be more easily reached if all of you is on board. However strong your conscious desire to lose the weight, subconscious impulses may want to keep the extra weight around. Hypnosis weight loss tapes and subliminal weight loss tapes are impressively effective at helping retrain your mind at a subconscious level.

Subliminal tapes ro weight loss contain affirmations that are below the conscious level of hearing. Subliminals work so well because they bypass the critical conscious mind and effect the subconscious, the level of mind where our beliefs get installed.

Since beliefs installed at an unconscious level are, we do not even realize that we are perceiving life situations through a distorted lens of past experience. In fact, it may be that we are operating from subconscious belief patterns that are in conflict with our conscious goals. For example, let's say a person has a critical parent as a child. Perhaps, this parent made comments about the child's weight to others in their presence. The child might remember feeling hearing those comments but they may not have realized, as a child, how deeply those comments were getting integrated into their definition of themselves.

What's the difference between subliminal tapes and hypnosis tapes?
Subliminals work the same way as negative programming from significant role models, but in a positive way. They send positive statements into your mind, which support you in positive change. The main difference between subliminals and hypnosis tapes or cds is that you only hear music or surf sounds or some other sound in a subliminal, as the positive suggestions are below the level of your conscious hearing.

Hypnosis tapes for weight loss are different, in that you usually hear every word. Hypnotic suggestions are designed to lead the aware and conscious mind into a state of relaxed receptivity so that the trained hypnotherapist can implant new information into your mind so that you react diffrently to eating, emotional issues around food, and your own beliefs about your self-image.

Whether you choose subliminals or hypnosis tapes for weight loss or some other form of selfhelp program, it is vital that you feel comfortable with the content. If using hypnosis tapes or cds, for example, the voice on the tape should create relaxation, comfort and a sense of safety. With subliminals, even though you can't consciously hear the words embedded, you should like the music and find it enjoyable to listen to, for optimal weight loss results.

You should feel yourself able to relax into whatever you are listening to so pay attention to your feelings and choose programs that feel supportive and safe to you. If you don't feel comfortable with a specific recording, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not a good one. It may just mean that it doesn't resonate with you or that you are not in alignment with the level of affirmations that are being used. Just keep looking til you find the subliminal and / or hypnosis tapes that work best for you.

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Weight Loss Disclaimer: While subliminal tapes and hypnosis tapes can serve as support for healthy weight loss, they are not being presented as a substitute for healthy eating, moderate exercise and taking care of any medical issues that may keeping you overweight.

Please see your doctor to rule out thyroid conditions or other health issues, if the weight stays on despite making all the positive changes that would allow for healthy weight loss.