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Are your symptoms just plain weird?


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In my decades as a wellness counselor and healing facilitator, I've heard of some pretty weird symptoms. I've had a few symptoms that were rather bizarre myself, such as hearing my heartbeat in my ears. This page is by no means meant to be used to explain weird symptoms, that may require medical testing and evaluation, but it at least gives you a place to start. I'll be adding to this as I come across more strange or bizarre symptoms.

Itching under shoulder blade
If you have itching specifically under the bra strap area under the shoulder blade, one possible explanation could be a condition called notalgia paresthetica which more often affects the left shoulder blade area. However, this is not the only possible explanation. Nylon thread in bras drives me up the wall, and I itch til I take them off.

Extremely itchy feet
I'm a reflexologist so I look at whether or not the deep itch corresponds with known reflex points on the foot and whether I know if there is an issue in those areas. However, deep itch in feet can be a symptom of kidney or liver issues so if you have other symptoms, you need to have kidney and liver function checked. I got that deep itch on several reflex points when I was detoxing and the itch went away when I stopped so I knew it was related to cleansing. I backed off the detox to give my liver and kidneys a break and was fine after that.

Twitching eyelids
This is one of those painless but very annoying symptoms where your eyelids just jump for no reason, twitch or jerk. As with all symptoms, there is more than one possible explanation but an emergency room nurse once told me to take magnanese and it stopped the twitching very quickly so it can sometimes be a sign that your body needs maganese.

Forearm itching all the time
I found out about this weird symptom when it happened to me. If you are middle-aged with light skin, this may be what is causing your arm to itch terribly from elbow almost to wrist. What causes arm itching all the time?

Left-Sided Headaches
What does it mean if you have frequent headaches, but only on one side of your head? Specifically, what are some Left-Sided Headache Causes

Health Care Disclaimer: Bizarre or strange symptoms may sometimes have very simple explanations. Food allergies or allergic reactions to something in the environment may cause many different symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere. If you take prescription drugs, some side effects and reactions can be rather strange as well so talk to your doctor about any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing. Sometimes, a weird symptom doesn't mean a medical problem. However, at other times, weird symptoms may point to underlying health conditions that need attention. Be wise with your health and get the proper evaluation, testing and treatment as advised by your trusted health care team.