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I've listed a few popular pages within the wellness library database, which address western medicine questions and concerns.

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Mixing Western Medicine and Natural Remedies

Prescribed Medications and Interactions

Why do we even talk about Western Medicine on a Natural Healing Website? Although the distinct focus of the wellness library is holistic and spiritual health, I also realize that some who search for health information and find the Wellness Library may already be taking doctor-prescribed drugs. If you now take prescription drugs, you may have found Ask a Healer looking for information on drug side effects or medication safety.

Just for those who are addressing health challenges with traditional western medicine, I provide information here on doctor-prescribed drugs and prescription drug interactions as well as interactions between natural remedies and drugs.

Some are surprised to hear that there are side effects with naturally extracted herbals or supplements. Just as there can be food allergies to foods that most of us eat without issue, there can always be side effects to anything we consume, whether synthetic or straight from Mother Earth.

You may be one of many who are in the western medicine model and taking prescription drugs but who is also becoming interested in holistic remedies.

In addition to the fact that there may be side effects to anything consumed, the chance of this happening goes up if you are also on doctor-prescribed drugs. For those taking prescription drugs who also want to explore supplements, herbs and other healing remedies, I cover the question of whether it is safe to use prescription drugs with natural remedies.

Obviously, no single resource can cover every possible drug interaction unless that's what the site is about. I research as I'm asked and include what information I can find as it comes up. If your question isn't answered already, feel free to submit it and I'll do some research.

In addition to sharing side effects that I know about, I also share information on other aspects of taking prescribed drugs such as

In my awareness, the best remedies (whether natural or doctor-prescribed) are supplements that work most effectively within the human system with minimal side effects or disturbance. If often recalled and controversial prescribed drugs aren't providing that type of synergistic healing for you, perhaps holistic supplements from Mother Earth might be something to learn more about.

Health Disclaimer: None of the information presented on the Wellness Library website is intended to replace any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment. This information is for educational purposes only.