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Prescription Drugs vs. Natural Supplements
The Big Differences Between Them

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Ask A Healer Prescription Drugs Series

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How Drugs and Natural Remedies are Different


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This is part of a series on prescription drug interactions with liquid nutritionals or other natural supplements.

I wrote the series because of my own experience with side effects and interactions while attempting to help members of my own family who were on doctor-prescribed medications too. I soon learned that is a tricky path to navigate. Things I never thought would cause a problem, did indeed cause a problem.

If you have decided to try natural supplements, especially you are also on prescription drugs, it is important to understand the differences in the way they work.

to understand a major difference between prescription drug treatment and natural remedies:

How drugs Work - How Natural Remedies Work
A natural remedy will help the body build, strengthen, rejuvenate and repair itself to restore normal balance over time whereas ....

A prescription drug typically maintains a certain state of artificial balance in the body which can happen rapidly (you see results quicker, particularly in symptom reduction. Unfortunately, in most cases, this state of drug-induced homeostasis depends on continuing with dosage to sustain balance, sometimes for the rest of your life.

Prescription drugs, with some exceptions, are aimed at controlling symptoms and creating a drug-influenced and drug-dependent state of balance. Most prescription drugs do not restore the body's natural ability toward normal functioning where as natural supplements work with the body's healing mechanisms to restore the body to normal healthy function. Big difference.

Diuretics given for heart patients force elimination, instead of assisting the body in establishing healthy elimination of fluids. For diuretics to continue working, the body must continue not do it's own job well. What if natural remedies, over time, begin to strengthen the body's natural ability to eliminate fluids on it's own? What does that do to the action of the diuretic? If your body restores it's ability to properly eliminate, and you are still taking a diuretic that further forces elimination, what happens then? Good question to ask your doctor if you choose to take kidney toning and strengthening formulas.

The good news is that there are doctors out there who are willing to wean people off drugs when they start getting better and willing to frequently monitor patients to see when improvement is such that a reduction in meds is possible. The point is that prescription drugs keep the body in a certain artificial state of balance that, in most cases, depends on continued use of the drug to maintain that balance.

Because natural remedies assist the body in healing itself, we need to look at what happens when the shift toward healing begins and medication dosages may need to be adjusted.

Health Care Disclaimer: If you are currently taking prescription drugs, it is vital that you discuss the addition of any health supplements with your doctor, to rule out interactions or interference with the drugs you are taking. The information contained in any alternative health care / spiritual healing article or material on this site is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from your health care professional.