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What is an Empath?
by Atarangi Muru, Maori Healer

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What is an empath and how does one develop empathic gifts?


Introduction from Neva: When I tell people I am an empath, I get some interesting looks. The looks get even more interesting when I tell someone else that I believe they may be empathic. Once I go over the symptoms of empathic awareness, they see themselves there. The guest article below, from Atarangi Muru, gives as clear a description of both empathic symptoms and how to develop empathic gifts as I've seen and I appreciate her willingness to share that information here.

My awareness is that we all have the spiritual gift of empathy; it is just that some of us are able to notice and work with empathic information than others; these are the way-showers who help others remember. Part of spiritual awakening and coming back into into sovereign connection with our own Divine energies is remembering that we have access to all that is. This remembrance is a big part of what I see happening in the flux of energy toward 2012.

One thing that definitely helps is connecting with others of like mind, and like Spirit. Finding your soul family and staying in touch is so important. When friend of mine whom I had not seen in 15 years reconnected on fb, it was auspicious in more than one way. First, soul family getting in touch. Second, he was going to see the Maori Healers the next day. I'd never heard of the Maori Healers. I went over to the website and fell in love with them. In particular, I felt a strong resonation with Atarangi Muru, the one who shares the information on empaths here. She graciously gave permission for me to use the following excerpt from her free email series on healing. I encourage you to visit her website and subscribe. Great vibration coming thru those emails.

Atarangi Muru on empaths and empathic information
Copyright, Atarangi Muru, reprinted by permission

What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who can feel another's pain.

What is not often known, is that they are able to help heal that persons pain. This is not spoken of because we get stuck in the 'feeling' of someone's pain, and stay there.

The natural skills an Empath has are:

- an ability to listen
- counsel from a deep knowing
- put their own needs aside
- see the issue with a 360 degree view
- have a strong connection to things earthy, animals and children
- are peacemakers
- have high compassion and strong understanding
- have an acute sensitivity to what is in his or her space
- animals feel this in you and gravitate to you - they know
- humans feel this in you and gravitate to you - they don't always know why

What you need to develop as an Empath is:

- grow your levels of discernment
- know that you cannot save the world
- have a strong home base where you can replenish and strengthen
yourself - reach out for help for yourself when you need it
- create more sensitivity in your awareness hone your skills for this will help immensely
- most empaths are born with this ability
- it can be developed

About Atarangi Muru:
Atarangi is part of a group of healers which are being called the Maori Healers. Others in this particular group of healers include Terence Muru, Kiwa Muru, Manu and Anaru Paine. Atarangi and the other Maori Healers offer deep tissue bodywork and energy balancing.

About this work, Atarangi says:
"It is perceived to be the releasing or opening of Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental blocks long held in the body." Atarangi Muru and the Maori Healers

About the bodywork and energy balancing offered by the Maori Healers: This is a little heads up that a session with Maori Healers is not your typical bodywork session. These Maori Healers go for it. They work deep but with respect for the body and emotional field. They also work in groups, so you will probably not be one on one with any of them. They feel the group synergy is supportive and powerful. Also, this work can hurt, especially in areas that typically hold the most cellular memory. These areas include the calves, inner thighs, stomach and shoulders.

Health Disclaimer: The modalities shared here at the wellness library are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to replace any necessary medical attention, evaluation or treatment you may need. I have a friend who had a Maori healing session and he reported to me that it was very intense at times and even painful as the tight muscles were released. Be prepared for what may be an intense physical reordering.