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What is Critical Mass?
Are We at a Global Tipping Point?

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What is critical mass?


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Have we reached a global tipping point for planet earth? Is there no turning back for us now? In science, a critical mass is reached when there is a tipping point in a situation that changes it irrevocably. The best example of this kind of tipping point is global warming. Some scientists believe that we are almost at a point of no return with our planet and that if we don't change our behaviors drastically, the earth will die.

Another type of tipping point occurs when behavior or consciousness changes on a large scale for a large number of people, in some way that changes society as a whole. A good example of this is the civil rights movement. This tipping point is created by enough people acting in a particular way to shift society at large in a way that it can never revert back to the way things were before the tipping point in consciousness occurred.

Critical mass from a spiritual perspective:
Spiritually speaking, a global critical mass has been prophecied thru the ages and the most significant of these prophecies all point to the year 2012. A spiritual critical mass is a shift in energetic consciousness and awareness that does not depend on outward stimulus or motivation to change but inward shifts and transformation that touch, person to person, across miles and oceans. Consciousness shifts, reaching a critical mass, may spread like wildfire, instantaneously bringing brand new information and perspective to everyone, all at once.

This type of global tipping point has been called the Hundreth Monkey effect, due to an experiement conducted years ago where results were a little startling to the observers. Whether you feel the 100th monkey story is just a story or based on scientific and spiritual fact, the story went something like this:

Monkeys on two sides of the same island were being studied. Somehow, a monkey on one side learned to take their food down to the water and wash it off. One by one, following the example of the first monkey, other monkeys did the same. At some point, it was noted that monkeys on the other side of the island (monkeys having no direct contact with the food-washing monkeys) began also to wash their food.

In the minds of most who are on a conscious spiritual path, the term Critical Mass refers to the 100th monkey effect in human beings. Spiritual critical mass signals a time in the evolution of our species when enough people have learned the same skill that it fires the neurons of a supernatural happening, wherein everyone else automatically knows the same skill without having had to learn it. Spiritual critical mass means we finally get it - we are all one. When one hurts, we all hurt. When one heals, we all heal.

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