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My Favorite Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
The Magic Ingredient is Native Goat Whey!

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This took my bulletproof recipe over the top....


I now add goat whey to coffee made the bulletproof way and I love it! But getting there wasn't easy. Although I found a lot of good brands out there, there seemed to always be at least one red flag with all the others. After an EXHAUSTIVE amount of research on Whey Protein Products on the market today, I finally found one that I can trust.

With this particular company, there were no red flags at all. I literally couldn't find anything of concern (except whether or not I could tolerate goat whey at all, from any company) so I decided to try it because Mt. Capra had all the right answer to the many questions I had been asking other companies without success.

The whey I chose is Mt. Capra unflavored goat whey and I'm pleased to partner with this company to bring this product to you. It only took a couple of days on this whey until I was thoroughly convinced of the nutritional quality. Now, about 8 months later and many tubs of whey later, I believe that Mt. Capra may provide the best whey protein on the planet. I know it's the best I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot of whey over the years albeit only cow whey before now.

I've had absolutely no digestive or intestinal issues with this product, nor have I had allergic reactions. I had read that goat whey, in general, produces less allergic issues than cow whey so I knew that before I tried it. Within days of starting this whey, I could begin to feel the benefits. I feel more energy, have better focus and don't get hungry as often. My body feels nutritionally supported. One of the many reasons I chose Mt. Capra goat whey was the high level of glutathione precursers in it. I have amalgam fillings and, until such time as I can get them removed and replaced with biocompatible dental material, I want something to help me detox mercury on a daily basis. I feel this whey helps.

How I Make Goat Whey Coffee the Bulletproof Way
A lot of people put goat whey protein into their smoothies but I use it in my morning coffee (made the "bulletproof way") and enjoy it very much that way. If you are on the internet at all, you have probably seen or read something about bulletproof coffee. You may already use Dave Osprey's products or create your own version of it. If the term is new to you, there is more on what "bulletproof" means below the recipe.

My Bulletproof Coffee Breakfast
If using a blender*, add the following:
1 Cup organic arabica coffee, hot or cold (Mixes better hot)
Half-teaspoon of virgin coconut oil
(Could also use grassfed butter or ghee)
1 teaspoon organic coconut sugar crystals
2 scoops of Mt. Capra unflavored goat whey protein

*To blend, I suggest pulse rather than constant to reduce foam (unless you like the foam). I use a battery-operated hand-held wisk instead of a blender for easier clean up. Just blend, pour and enjoy!!!

How I found Mt. Capra Goat Whey
Anyway, I love making coffee the bulletproof way because I get my good fats right off the bat in the morning. I can mark that off my nutrition list. However, good fats weren't the only thing I had to consciously remember to get into myself every day. I struggled with getting enough protein. Beans were just, uh, not a good option. I didn't eat enough meat to get what I needed either.

Don't even get me started on protein drinks. Over the years, I've spent hundreds on this or that drink. With the exception of mix1 which is no longer available, NONE of them agreed with me. There were a variety of reasons. Some contained hidden MSG or were processed to the point that I doubted the nutritional result. Most contained carrageenan or casein, two more trouble ingredients. Most also contained either sugar alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol, malitol, erythritol) stevia, or splenda/aspartame, all of which cause me intestinal distress.

If I found a protein shake that didn't have any of those issues, they tasted terrible or they weren't effective or were so hard to digest (in particular, the pea protein drinks) that I couldn't continue drinking them. Long story short, I didn't feel better consuming them.

What About Soy Protein?
As for soy-based shakes, I tried those too early on, before I read up on soy and reached the conclusion that soy isn't a health food. These soy shakes didn't agree with me either. Of course, now, I don't eat soy at all and, in particular, would never intentionally put GMO soy in my body. Did you know that almost all soy grown in the United States is GMO soy? If it doesn't say Non-GMO soy or Non-GMO soy lecithin, it's probably made from genetically modified soy. These days, even Non-GMO on the label isn't enough for me when it comes to soy because some farmers practice wet spraying with round up on non-gmo soy, just prior to harvest, so that it dries more quickly and evenly. Less work for them, more glyposate for us. No thank you.

Whey isolate is a problem too. Both the soy and whey in most mass-produced protein drinks is hydrolyzed. Even if I can't prove they have hidden MSG, they have something different and it completely upsets my intestinal tract. Most of it is also whey taken from the cheese-making process, which means it's had more done to it than what is called "native" whey.

In addition to all these problems, I just don't digest dairy well. Cow whey, even if it was organic and from grass fed cows, still caused digestive issues if I tried to use it daily. I had read about goat whey before and knew it was easier to digest and sometimes worked for folks with dairy allergies but really did not think I'd like the taste at all so I never tried it until I found Mt. Capra.

About Bulletproof Coffee:
I don't remember when I first came across information about Dave Osprey and his bulletproof coffee but I do remember why I came across it. For years, literally, I had been looking online for a healthy substitute for the half and half that I loved in my morning coffee. I knew that daily wallop of heavy cream was not good for me, I even felt in my body that it wasn't good for me, but oh, the rich taste. I was addicted to it, really. It was part of my morning ritual. It was during yet another search on coffee creamer alternatives or some such, that I found Dave's website and discovered the recipe for making coffeee the bulletproof way.

I loved it from the very first sip and I dropped my half and half with not so much as a fare thee well. It should be noted that there is an official Bulletproof brand, comprised of what Mr. Osprey calls "upgraded coffee" (checked for mycotoxins and presented as cleaner than most coffee brands) plus several other products for making bulletproof coffee the Dave Osprey way. I will say that the Bulletproof brand coffee IS different. I would buy it all the time, and drink only that brand, if Mr. Osprey would only take that extra step and go certified organic ... and drop the price. What's the difference? I experienced a noticably more sustained and even energy for hours. No jitters and no dips. Just nice, balanced energetic feel.

Health Disclaimer:
Goat whey is generally considered less allergenic than cow whey but please check with your doctor if you have any allergies and also, if you are supposed to limit protein intake for any reason, please note that a serving of Mt. Capra goat whey protein has 25 grams of protein. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and never intended to replace medical testing, evaluation or medicines.