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Why Evil Exists
Alongside The Christ Consciousness

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Why Evil Exists - The Christ Consciousness Factor

by and Shoefitter

I am part of a spiritual email circle, mostly of people I've never met but have come to enjoy connecting with. It all started when I, and my niece Destiny, were preparing to go to a Sundance in South Dakota. We didn't make it to Sundance but I did meet Shoefitter, a woman who did go. Well, I met her online anyway and have come to appreciate her spiritual integrity.

Anyway, long story short, Shoefitter sent this reply to a group member who had questioned why evil exists and how the actions most of us would term "evil", such as war, affect beings on the other side.

This was a question I had never asked myself and a very interesting response from Shoefitter. I appreciated the views and perspective of my friend, particularly the Christ Consciousness information, and thought I'd post her response here for others to enjoy. You may also enjoy reading the work of her father, Michael Murphy, another person I never met on this plane but immediately felt deep connection with when I visited his website. About Michael Murphy.

Why Does God Allow Evil? Why does evil exist?
" Shoefitter

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The Path of the Empath

Both good and evil are growing together ... Day and Night. Regardless of the things that are going on here..nothing can pass through unless it is good ... and has become the light which created it.

While the going on here does effect our heart minds and spirits..but if we do not conform to the light (love) to the day of love and peace.. we can not pass through ...if we are not in perfect order (balance within ourselves, and collectively, then how can we even perceive or penetrate the true realities which is Heaven.??)

We will simple bounce back here...(earth) until we get it right. Only 'love' ... faster then the speed of Light can zip and pass through the vortex. What happens here effects the heart mind and spirit...but regardless; only if our heart minds and spirits are in divine balance can we pass through; only the Christ state of Consciousness can pass through the vortex Which is Love. True love for the ALL. Love is that little bump The QUANTUM LEAP.

And I'm positive that God the Creator has Mother Earth in it's best interest. what will be will be. I have to trust that God has it under control. ...(personal comments removed) Try not to worry , I believe..it will be okay in the longgggg run. I'm sure of it....thanks ever so much for keeping in your heart the deeper implications of our souls..in creating the overall balance...for loving us...and all that IS.

The effect is transforming our hearts mind and spirit, and creating The Soul - Heaven ....... that is, only Christ Consciousness (love) can pass through the vortex. Love is that little bump, The QUANTUM LEAP. When the Heart and Mind unify (balance) there will heaven be.

ps. from Neva, Ask a Healer Webmaster: Michael did a fascinating interview that has been preserved, about why evil exists, and why God allows evil on the earth. If the link doesn't work, please check back in a few days. It is the video titled Warriorship, War and Death, near the bottom of the page.

I don't necessarily resonate with everything that Michael, or any other spiritual being for that matter, spoke or wrote. I know, if Michael were still alive, he'd respect that. I do glean unique perspective and his words prompt me to deeper questioning of my path, what I believe, and why I believe it. That's one mark of a true prophet. Michael Murphy was a remarkable spiritual being, totally dedicated to his mission on earth. His humility and loving heart shine through every word. I am so grateful that people with his incredible focus and clarity have passed through this plane and, while they were here, left some gems of wisdom.