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Willard Water for Natural Pet Health - Recommended by Ask a Healer Wellness Library

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Willard Water as a natural pet care supplement: When I had my cats, before I relocated to a place where I couldn't have pets, I used an inexpensive water additive called Willard Water and find that it is wonderful, just wonderful for pets. I just put a few drops in my cat's water and he definitely drank more water when the Willard Water was there.

Of course, I had been drinking Willard Water for years, off and on. I'd get a bottle and then forget to order, think about how good I felt and get some more. I did not always use the Willard Water with my animals but when I thought my cat Pooter (I know, someone said I would give him a complex by calling him that but he seemed fine with it) was dragging or seemed to be getting sick, I always added it and he was his old self within a day or two. He had been severely hurt when a kitten (I think attacked by neighborhood dog) so I watched his health a little more than my other cat at the time.

Willard Water has been around for dozens of years and, in all that time, it has never gotten a bad report. 60 Minutes did an interview on it years and years ago. I am trying to remember how they worded things at the end of it but basically, they said they had found nothing to suggest Willard Water would be harmful and that there were certainly a lot of people who felt it was beneficial.

I certainly believe in it myself, for myself and for my cats. I feel it speeds healing and helps maintain a balance of energy and health. It is considered a water catalyst. Willard Water changes the structure of water so that it is more easily absorbed and used by the cells, or at least that's my understanding of it at this point. All I really know is that it is great for constipation, great for hydration and great for pets.

Is all Willard Water the Same? If you do a search on this product, you'll soon discover that there are several different Willard's Water products out there. Though some may be similar, please note that they are not always the same formula as that developed by Dr. Willard. As far as I can tell, the company I'm recommending has the original formulation and Dr. Willard's blessing. I'd suggest getting your Willard Water from this source and probably would also suggest trying Dr. Willard's third and final formulation, The Ultimate Willard's Water. By the way, the 8 0unce concentrate lasts a LONG, LONG time.

What Willard's Water mainly does is change the structure of water so that the body's ability to absorb nutrients is greatly increased. This means your body is able to hang on to and use more nutrients from your food. I can say from personal experience (Willard Water is not just for pets but for their human friends too) is that Willard Water is terrific for constipation and helps keep one regular in that regard. Willard Water is highly alkaline and contains trace minerals extracted from the fossilized remains of prehistoric vegetation contained in lignite coal.

Some holistic veterinarians have used Willard Water as a spray on incisions and they reported less inflammation and bleeding when used. They have also used this water catalyst as a spray on MRSA areas. However, Willard Water is not suggested or represented as any type of replacement for needed veterinarian evaluation or treatment.

Yet another potential benefit of putting Willard Water in your pets drinking water is that it may help with separation anxiety and other stressful behaviors such as whining, excessive barking and chewing. The catalyst seems to have a calming effect on animals. I can attest to that with my cats as well as myself. It may also feel soothing to the doggie who has pink eye, or if sprayed in arthritic joints.

Pet Health Care Disclaimer:Willard Water is suggested as a supplemental additive that your pets may enjoy and that may provide benefits. This product is not being suggested as a substitute for any needed veterinarian care. I do suggest you seek out a holistic veterinarian. There are more and more holistic vets these days and I'm happy to see it because the easiest way to get "medicine" in a pet is if it's food and nutrition.