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Is Wine OK for Spiritual Folks?

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The Spiritual Aspects of Wine


Do you love a nice glass of chardonnay or merlot? Are you a wine enthusiast? Are you also spiritual? Ever wonder if there is a spiritual aspect to wine or if it's ok to drink wine if you are a spiritually awake and aware being?

I've had a drinking problem in the past. It felt best to lead with that statement before I talk about the "spirit" of the vine. I drank for all the wrong reasons and I drank way too much. I always loved wine but felt like the sugar content was an issue so gravitated toward liquor or beer most of the time. Now, looking back, I can see that there may have been another reason I avoided wine and opted for more potent forms of alcohol or for beer.

The vibrational frequency of vodka, whiskey or gin is definitely different than the vibrational frequency of wine. It's like apples and oranges, if I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Abuse, imbibing too much, is not healthy whether it is wine or something stronger or different. However, I definitely can tell a difference in the energy between the different forms of alcohol and, spiritually speaking, wine has the highest vibration. So, what does that mean? I think I avoided wine because of it's capacity to ground in earth energies and allow for the illumination of aspects of my life I wasn't ready to face.

Spiritual Side Effects of Alcohol:
Before I get into all that, I want to also say that there are those who feel that intake of alcohol, regardless of type, is detrimental to spiritual awareness. In the Spirit of transparency and presenting all sides of a question, here is an opposing view about the potentially detrimental results of drinking alcohol. Spiritual Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol. Note that I don't agree with everything that is said in this article. I'm providing it simply as reference of the complexity of the issue at a spiritual level for some.

That having been said, I've experienced some of the negative impacts of alcohol discussed in the above article. I experienced the negative effects the most when I was unhealed and still wounded from childhood trauma. If I look at that time now, I associate those unpleasant experiences more with my state of spiritual awareness and the reasons that I drank than the alcohol (and the impact of amalgam fillings around that same time) than I do with the energy of alcohol itself.

I will say that hard liquor has it's own vibrational bandwidth and it isn't, in general, a pleasant frequency. There is a hard edge to it and the bandwidth and collective consciousness has a lot of unpleasant thought patterns, like frustration and anger. hard edge and bandwidth full of frustration and anger. Having an alcoholic father who favored hard liquor certainly may have impacted my genetics in a way that keeps me from being objective.

How Wine is Different for me:
Objective or not, I feel a distinct difference between what happens with me when I drink wine and when I drink hard liquor or beer. The main difference is in energy. Beer is not as bad for me as hard liquor but still not generally a connector to anything spiritual in my experience. Wine is different. I don't know exactly why. But it is different. There is a connection to the earth in a good wine that doesn't exist in a hard liquor or beer. In a sort of paradoxical way, I feel both light and grounded with wine. I feel expansive and expressive. Feel free to disagree, just my experience. The diffused, lazy focus of beer is not there either. The Spirit is in the "spirit of the vine" in a way that is not true, in my experience, with other forms of alcohol.

If you are interested in exploring wine and learning more about the different types, there is a website that respects the spiritual aspect of wine. Please visit Wine Spirit

Health Disclaimer: Alcohol abuse is unhealthy. Period. The body is not designed to process a lot of it. Most health studies I have read suggest one 4-ounce glass of wine a day for women and two for men. A few studies say women can drink two glasses a day and men two or three. Anything over that amount, on a daily basis, is considered unhealthy by most doctors and holistic health advocates. I always look for organic wine and the words "no detectible sulfites" to get the most healthy wine for drinking. Red wines have resveratrol, an important health nutrient, while whites do not. Best to consume dry wines as they will have less sugar. If you have sugar issues, wine may not be for you at all. Be wise with your health.