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Ask A Healer Spiritual Dream Interpretation

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My Own Path to Dreamtime Guidance


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Spiritual Dream Interpretation

About the way I learn from my dreams:

My approach to interpreting dreams is my own. It does not follow, as far as I know, Jungian dream interpretation or any other method of discerning the meaning of dreams. It is based on "Medicine Dreaming", which for me involves looking at my dreams as messengers and a sort of spiritual medicine that can inform my daily life in a good way.

I'm in the habit of regularly inviting Spirit to illumine my life with dreamtime messages that are specific to where I am on the path of spiritual awakening. My awareness is that intent establishes a stronger connection with the dreamworld and I'm better able to retrieve the important information from dreams, the more I ask for and actively participate in my dreamtime.

How the Medicine Dreaming Path may differ from some other forms of Dreamtime Analysis:
A traditional dream interpretation guide or those based on symbology in a broad way may not give the same type of dream interpretation as you will read here. Because the Medicine Dreaming way is actually a co-creation between the dreamer and Universal Life Source Energy, or God, it may be different than any general dream symbol to be found in a book. If you want to learn how to interpret your dreams in a way that can become uniquely your own, I hope my own experiences with medicine dreaming may assist you in that goal.

After I have opened myself and actively intended to receive information about dreamtime messages, I usually do get a dream that can help me with current life situations. When the dream comes, I view the dream through the lens of whatever situations are foremost in my consciousness at the time of the dream.

Seen through the lens of whatever is going on with me at the moment, the dream will have a different interpretation than it might for the next person. In other words, no cookie-cutter definition, even of archetypal dreamtime imagery, is used or created. However, repeated themes in my own dreams, and for my own path only, begin to teach me specific symbology and archetypal meaning I can then use as a starting point with future dreams of a similar slant.

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