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My personal review of
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Featured: Mt. Capra Double-Bonded Protein

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Goat Whey and Bulletproof

Organic Coconut Oil

I discovered the Mt. Capra products recently and I'm using their amazing goat whey protein myself. I don't want to "buff up" but I know you may have found this page because you are into body building or body sculpting, or you would like to increase your muscle to fat ratio or build muscle. I honestly feel like most of the mass-produced body building products either contain unhealthy additives or just aren't healthy in the long term.

Want a shortcut to workout results?
Just click the banner to your left to read about the Mt. Capra Sports Bundle. Just want a solid, pure protein? If you'll take the time to visit the Mt. Capra website and read about the Double-Bonded protein, I think you'll be as impressed as I have been with the Mt. Capra dedication to quality and effectiveness. I am pleased to partner with Mt. Capra to bring you this product.

Read More about Mt. Capra Double-Binded Protein
for helping you to maximize your workout efforts.

Another Great Product for Sports Enthusiasts: Repairzyme

Help your body repair muscle and tendon strain after workouts. If one thing has stopped me from "buffing up" it's the suffering. I would work out and then, oh the pain. The next day, I'd hurt so bad that I just wouldn't continue. Of course, I learned ways to reduce lactic acid build-up but still just didn't like that feeling of strained muscles and tendons. Also, I'm 60 now and being "buff" isn't so high on my list of priorities as it might be on yours.

If your workout is a bit too strenuous or you find that you have strained muscles from working out, you may really appreciate learning about a product called Repairzyme. It's put out by a company I have long respected, Enzyme Essentials. RepairZyme is a special blend of enzymes, herbs and minerals, powerful nutritional building blocks that help the body repair cells, tissues, and muscles.

Read More about RepairZyme Digestive Enzyme Formula
Secure Order Site / Special Enzyme E-Club Savings!

Bookmark Enzyme Essentials for all your digestive enzyme needs - they have additional enzyme formulas to meet most of life's common digestive and eliminatory challenges. They have excellent formulas for constipation, restless sleep, detoxing and other significant health support needs.

Benefits of this special nutrion blend:
~ Nutrition support for healthy skin
~ Herbs and Nutrition designed to help maintain muscle and tissue health
~ Unique proprietary enzyme beldn for energy production and immune support
~ Nutrients supporting cell repair

What's in RepairZyme?
~ Nutrient-dense foods (broccoli and other freeze-dried vegetables, fruit, and herbs) that naturally supply phytochemicals and rebuilding nutrients.
~ Herbs including Mojave yucca and butcher's broom for helping to maintain muscles, bones, tendons, and skin.
~ An enzyme blend of lipase, cellulase, amylase and protease

About Nitric Oxide for Work Outs
Nitric Oxide (NO) is a cardiovascular support supplement. It helps with vascodilation and opens blood flow so, for that reason, many sports and workout supplements contain ingredients that increase NO levels. Two excellent sources are organic beet juice and a product called Argenix, put out by a company called Formor International. Argenix, and the newer formula from the same company (Cardio Cocktail) contain 5g of the amino acid l'arginine, which increases nitric oxide quite rapidly if taken on an empty stomach.

However, please note, if you have herpes simplex virus or shingles, or you are prone to fever blisters, adding NO increasing supplements may well trigger an outbreak. Taking more lysine than the amount of L-Arginine that is in the product can help but because lysine inhibts the function of L-Arginine (which is why Lysine is included in a lot of herpes remedies). Just be sure to take the lysine about an hour after taking products with L-Arginine.

If you also drink hemp, chia, rice, oat or other protein shakes, be aware that each of these contains a higher level of arginine than lysine. Most nuts are higher in Arginine too so if those are in your regular diet, you may be even more prone to getting an outbreak if you add an NO supplement. It can be managed but may require attention. The benefits of increased N.O. may be worth the experiment.


Image links to EarthCalm EMF Protection Review
My personal review of
Earth Calm EMF Protection

Link to personal review of blis probiotic lozenges
My personal review of
Therabreath Probiotics
with blis K12 and M18

Health Disclaimer: Digestive enzymes are not intended to replace any needed medical attention. Enzyme formulas like Purezyme may help the body maintain digestive and eliminatory health; however, you should always check with your doctor if on prescription medications or under a doctor's care for any known medical condition.