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Shadrach Village... Where Dreams Can Breathe! Princess Oleska Invites You!

Shadrach Village is a rather magical place in an abandoned warehouse where creative souls come to remember and enliven their dreams. It is rustic living. When the village started there wasn't even running water. Now, thanks to the generosity of an annonymous donor, there is a flushing toilet and another befriender donated cell phones this year!

There still is no electricity in the the old Flushing Warehouse but the Villagers are resourceful and candles create nice ambience. At Shadrach Village, there is a magical lion named Leo who shows up whenever Villagers or townfolk are in trouble so you can see it really is a magical place.

This is my show on the theatrics platform, peopled with fellow actors who create a fun and interesting cast. Shadrach Village is just one example of what's possible in the new Theatrics Platform. I'm so proud of the cast. Each character is so unique and adds something special to the village.

You are free to join Shadrach Village as long as it's in the beta testing mode ... and as long as you agree to the guidelines! This is a pg show with an uplifting theme so if you're wanting another type of show to participate in, look around the theatrics site or create one of your own!

princess oleska
An Introduction to Shadrach Village

How my MPTV connection started: From 2010 to May 2 of this year, I participated in an incredible acting experience. It was a Mass Participation TV project about a supernaturally strange town called Beckinfield, peopled with extraordinary characters. For me, it was 2 years of pure creative joy and I admit I was pretty sad when it ended but the good news is that Theatrics had another idea up their sleeve.

MPTV stands for Mass Participation TV and it's an online space where I became a part of a fictional town called Beckinfield, California, created a unique character, Leda Jo Gupta, wrote my own storyline and interacted with a lot of talented actors from all over the world. It was really a dream for actors as well as writers, but wasn't limited to professionals. Anyone could join and, as long as they adhered to the guidelines, could post video blogs of their own as part of this fictional town. There are instructions that help you structure your show, after you register.

Who is Involved?
Theatrics was the brainchild of Bob Gebert, Tracy Evans and Biff Van Cleve. Since this new theatrics was unveiled, I am not sure who all will still be involved but I know the two folks who will be providing one of the shows in Beckinfield fashion are both very talented so I expect The Trial of Goldilocks and any other shows they present to be terrific. There were thousands of actors involved in creating the storylines for Beckinfield, though a lot of those did not post every week. There was a rather large increase in those numbers during the period that the Ultimate Online Audition Contest was running.

Jonathan Frakes temporarily created the character of Dylan Marks, Hollywood Director, who came to Beckinfield to cast a little theatre production. Townspeople (actors playing characters in Beckinfield) auditioned and were cast in roles for the play, The Legends of Beckinfield. Finalists each took home $200 prizes (I was one of those finalists) and the winner took $10,000 (My friend and a great actor, Michael Town).

Other Hollywood Tie-Ins:
Scott David, a well-known casting director in Hollywood, reviewed B-field videos every month and chose three of his favorite Beckinfielders to commend. These are called Scott's Picks and I had the honor of being chosen more than once. Thought I have not heard anything about another contest or participation by a casting director in the new theatrics format, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that happened again.

Also, of my favorite L.A. folks, Marc Zicree, was also involved as a consultant and contributor and even accepted audition tapes for his new movie from Beckinfield actors. I met Marc when I attended his Round Table and 6-week mentoring classes. His latest project is Space Command, for which funds were quickly raised on kickstarter.com. I've read some excellent articles by both Marc Zicree and Scott David on the website as well.

So Whatcha Waiting For?
As of May 2, Beckinfield is on hiatus ... that part is over ... however, the new platform allows for an even more exciting opportunity. Instead of creating characters and towns and situations based on someone else's story, you can actually create your own show now. It will only be free as long as it's in beta so I'd sign up asap for this if you are interested in stretching yourself creatively.